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5 Basic Elements of the Universe  

The Five Basic Elements of the Universe − Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood − are understood as different types of energy in a state of constant interaction and flux with one another.




5BE also mean Movement, Change, and Development. They are changing, moving, waning, and expanding all the time.







Searching for Balance

The most important of all is the balance of all five elements. The movements of five elements are stable and predictable when they are in balance, and vice versa. When you are in a stable five-element environment, and everything is under control, you live peacefully and feel lucky. When you are in an unpredictable environment, you feel bad luck and are easily out of control. Bring your five elements into balance if you want to be a lucky person.







Yin-Yang and Five Basic Elements


The five basic elements ‒ the five phases of transformation, or five energies, that determine the course of natural phenomena − arise  from the intermingling of Yin and Yang. This manifestation of all phenomena is seen as a cyclic process, an endless coming into being and passing away, as everything, upon reaching an extreme stage, transforms into its opposite. The underlying shared characteristic of Yin and Yang therefore consists in giving rise to this continuous change.


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The Indian System of 5 Basic Elements

Earth, Water, Fire, Air (or Wind), Space (or Zero)

Application example: INNOMPUS


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