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Michail Zhvanetsky humorous quotes, Russian humour, jokes

Discovering your place in this world is not enough, you must also be the first to get there.

Michael Zhvanetsky






Albert Eisteing wisdom quotes

If A is a success in life, then
A equals X plus Y plus Z.
Work is X; Y is play; and
Z is keeping your mouth shut.

Mark Twain humorous quotes

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

Faina Ranevskaya humorous quotes

Success is the only unforgivable sin
against your neighbor.

Vadim Kotelnikov

Success is about patience.
If you don't
pay attentions to problems,
they'll take offence and leave. >>>


Everybody loves success, but they hate successful people.

John McEnroe

Success is something that always comes faster to the man your wife almost married.

7 Paradoxical Rules of True Success


Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Earl Wilson

We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don't like?

Jean Cocturan

90 per cent of success is turning up.

The Magic of Action

Woody Allen

Behind every successful man you'll find a woman who has nothing to wear.

Harold Coffin

Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success.

Jim Backus

The elevator to success is out of order. You'll have to use the stairs... one step at a time.

Joe Girard

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.

Failure as a Stepping Stone To Success

Al Bernstein




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