While most of our thinking is adversarial, the six thinking hats technique invented by Edward De Bono overcomes these difficulties by forcing everyone to think in parallel.  As participants wear each hat they all must think a certain way at the same time.



Edward De Bono quotes

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward De Bono



The proposal is read out and then everyone puts one the following hats in turn:

The White Hat is the information hat. This covers facts, figures, information needs and gaps. People can ask for more information or data to help analyze the proposal.

The Red Hat represents emotions. This covers intuition, feelings and emotions. People have to say how this proposal makes them feel emotionally: scared, threatened, excited, energized, etc. It is important to get the feelings expressed, as they can be hidden reasons why people would oppose or support a proposal.

The Yellow Hat is the hat of optimism. This is the logical positive: why something will work and why it will offer benefits. Everyone in turn has to say what is good about the proposal.

The Black Hat is the pessimism hat. This is the hat of judgment and caution. Everyone has to find fault with the idea. Even if it was your idea and you are very proud of it you have to point out some drawbacks and disadvantages.

The Green Hat is the hat of growth and possibilities, creativity, alternatives, proposals, what is interesting, provocations and changes. Everyone has to suggest ways in which the idea could be adapted or improved to make it work better.

The Blue Hat is the process hat. This is the overview or process control hat. It is used to check if the process is working well. When you wear it, you discuss whether you are using the method in the most effective way.


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