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Win-Win Negotiations
Create the best-possible win-win solution in an efficient and friendly way
Vadim Kotelnikov

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Effective negotiation both creates the best-possible win-win solution in an efficient way and strengthens relationships between the negotiators.

The participants should come to see themselves as working side by side attacking the problem, not each other.

  Win-Win Negotiation strategies and tactics



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Win-Win Mindset

Win-Win is a belief in better mutually beneficial outside-the-box alternatives.

It’s not an either party way; it’s a higher and better way... More



4 NLP Perceptual Positions

Strive to understand your and other people’s perceptions if you wish to learn how to control your state of mind and enhance your communication. Don't forget that your and your prospect's map of the reality is not the same − the meaning of the same thing is different for different people.... More




Yin and Yang of Negotiation

Treat negotiations as a partner dance where the Lead-Follow roles are switched frequently in order to arrive at a Win-Win solution in a harmonious way... More


Practice and enjoy creative teamwork to find creative solutions.

Joint creative efforts help the participants to both achieve greater results and to connect with each other at deeper levels, and thus to win both intellectually and socially.

Wise Negotiation DOs & DON'Ts

  Win-Win Negotiation guidelines



Win-Win Negotiation Tips

Adopt a Win-Win mindset that takes into account interests of the both parties.

Define the area of flexibility and the “red lines” not to be crossed in advance.

Start with defining a shared vision of a desired future you want to achieve.

To help yourself, help your counterparts to define and achieve their goals that are not in conflict with your deep intent.

Focus on long-term mutual gain and be ready to make short-term tactical changes in your plan if they help to achieve strategic success.

See yourselves not as bargainers, but as creators and strategic design thinkers who design a better future jointly... More